Saturday, March 8, 2014

leave me be...i'm sewing!

Well...that's my plan for this weekend at least!  I have a lot of sewing I'd like to accomplish, and it's been awhile since I spent quality time just sewing and ignoring everything else.  We've been running around so much the past few weekends, so we have declared this weekend our stay home and not leave the house weekend.  (truth...we'll leave the get food and stuff...but we made zero plans to do anything else!).

So if you need me...I'll be in my sewing space...playing with this stack of fabric

among other things!

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  1. Fun fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of that stack. I declared today my sewing day. I have to help My Guy set up for Energy Days tomorrow, so this is my self declared "retreat Saturday".


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