Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep.10

Happy Wednesday!  The weather has been gorgeous here and we have spent all day doing yard work!  So let's do a quick check in on last week:
  • Wednesday: Rest rest
  • Thursday: Yoga yoga (1 hr class)
  • Friday: 20-30 min bike Rest
  • Saturday: 2-3 mile run 3 mile run (woohoo!)
  • Sunday: Rest rest
  • Monday: 20-30 min bike rest
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run and Yoga 3 mile run
Not too shabby!  It felt great to get back to some running.  I'm really just taking it easy for a few weeks, build the endurance back up slowly so I don't overdo the foot.  So far no real issues with the previous overuse injury, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to increase the mileage after another week.  Yoga has been great, I'm sad I didn't get to go to class yesterday, but I'll be going tomorrow.  Tuesday and Thursday will be yoga days for me for as long as they offer classes in the afternoon/evening on those days.

I've also started doing research on what training plan I would like to use for my next half-marathon (scheduled in November).  I'm doing some reading and I'll make a decision by next week.  No rush some time before I really have to get back into the training mode.  

Here's this week's plan:
  • Wednesday: Rest (I did yard work)
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: 3 mile run
  • Saturday: 30 min bike
  • Sunday: 3-4 mile run
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Yoga
Catch y'all later!

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