Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wellness Wednesday...2015 Ep. 2

Happy Wednesday!  So here was what I did the past week:

Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 1:15 yoga class
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1:15 yoga class
Sunday: 6.4 miles and 1:15 yoga class (deep stretching!)
Monday: rest, 15 mins light yoga (video)
Tuesday: 1:00 yoga class (core flow)

Miles for week: 6.4
Miles for year: 17.7

Not as much mileage as I would like, but I'm ok with that for now.  It was a bit of a random week, lots of stuff going on, so running didn't necessarily happen.  What did happen was yoga, lots of yoga!  I'm so excited to be taking classes again.  I'm hoping that it will be the difference that helps improve my overall time.  Not to mention that the mental health benefits are out of this world!

Now, last week I said my goal was to cross train AND have yoga.  Well...for some reason I was thinking that yoga wasn't enough for cross training.  It turns out it is.  I fell in love with yoga last year, but reached a point where it wasn't working for me with the class schedule, location, etc.  So I stopped going.  Well, my teachers have opened a new studio, the class schedule is fabulous, plus they offer classes on the weekend!  AND...they are offering classes that really work as cross training for runners in particular.  The core flow class I took last night...WOW...definitely helped work some of the areas of my body that are somewhat neglected or weak due to running.  So my new plan is to just keep up with yoga.  Right now I've practiced yoga for 4 days in a row, hoping to make that 7 (at least 10 minutes a day), and then go from there.  There is such a thing as too much yoga, don't want to risk injury or problems by over doing it.

So there it is.  Plans for this week:  get my mileage back up a little bit, continue yoga at least 10 minutes a day, eat well!

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