Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Countdown...

Has been underway for awhile title I could come up with for a blog post!  Posting late this evening after a marathon day of sewing, cleaning and baking all in preparation for the next few days.  I have so much still to do and I feel like I've got zero time left! (I have a few hours tomorrow...) Anyways...I wanted to share with all of you what had me up and stitching early this Countdown to Christmas quilt is finished (quilt top originally finished September/October 2012)!



(which you can hardly see much of anything in that pic...the fabric is a bunch of peppermints, but it does have a label!)

and now off catch some z's before a really busy day tomorrow (we have some family headed our way for the day tomorrow)...

Details: Pattern - Disappearing Nine Patch
Fabric: Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater,  black and green border are from Share the Joy by Deb Strain, cream border is from Christmas Spirit by Holly Taylor, backing is a print from Joann Fabrics
Thread: Piecing - probably Mettler, quilting - Isacord and Aurifil
Batting: Soft n' Crafty

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