Tuesday, December 31, 2013

how it finished...

For the month of December, I made it my mission to clean up my UFO/WIP list.  Here is the final update, Any change to the status of an item from the previous week is in red:
  1. Deploy T - blocks made, need to assemble quilt top
  2. 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM - 1/2 the blocks made
  3. HST BOM - needs border added, backing made, quilting and binding; quilt top complete
  4. Terrain Swoon - needs backing, quilting and binding
  5. Christmas Quilt - needs backing, quilting, and binding; backing madequilt basted and quilting in progress; quilt finished!
  6. Our Quilt - 1/2 the top is assembled, all blocks are made; quilt top assembled, needs borders added
  7. Coming Home Ruby - needs backing, quilting and binding
  8. Sisters Ten - only 4 blocks made
  9. FWQAL - need to figure out what I'm going to do with this one
  10. Marcelle Medallion - 3 borders attached
  11. Tumbler (forgot about this one!) - need to assemble top
  12. Scrappy Sprouts - 2 blocks made
  13. the skull needs backing, quilting and bindingbacking made and bastedquilting in progress; quilt finished!!!
  14. Hexies (forgot about this one also!) - needs lots of hexies; have been working on it...still need lots of hexies
  15. Lucky Jam - 7 of 9 blocks complete; all blocks complete; 
  16. Xplus - need more blocks; started December with 24 blocks, now up to 36,  I have decided I want at least 49 blocks for the quilt top
  17. Christmas in St. Louis - need backing, quilting and binding; backing madequilt basted; quilt finished!
  18. Simply Herringbone - need to finish panels and assemblebacking made, basted, quilting in progressquilting complete; quilt finished!!!
Over this past month I completely finished 4 quilts, finally got the HST BOM to flimsy stage, have Our Quilt close (originally started in June 2011) and made significant progress on Lucky Jam.  I also picked up my Hexie project and did a bit of hand stitching, and worked on blocks for my Xplus quilt.  I'm kind of hoping xplus is my first 2014 finish.  I consider this past month a huge success!  Now to keep the momentum up going forward!

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  1. You had a great December! I got overwhelmed with work deadlines and holiday prep. Any time managemant tips that you could share would be appreciated. My December was a complete bust.


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