Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - In Review

And so begins the plethora of posts closing out 2013 and preparing for today I'm sharing with you a revisit of my 2013 goals and how they finished plus all my finished quilts of 2013.  Up first...the 2013 finishes:

I'm so proud of these quilts!  I really branched out on some of these...and many would never have come about without some Instagram inspiration...You can check out my Finished Quilts tab at the top of the page to find links to each quilts blog post and all the details.

and now...looking back at my 2013 goals...where I ended up with them is in red.

  1. Work on FMQ. I really would like to improve in this area (not that it will take much to improve!!!) I have definitely worked on this one after I learned more about FMQ (see this post) and I have successfully FMQd a couple of quilts.
  2. Make Girl a Christmas Quilt (fabric is already picked out, pattern is already picked out, just need to do!) Finished on Christmas Eve!
  3. Make a quilt for me (Sister's TEN BOM) Part of my BOM addiction...I have made a handful of blocks and that's about it
  4. Finish Terrain Swoon (quilt top is made, need to make the backing and get this puppy quilted and finished!) another zero...
  5. Make a quilt for Guy done!  see his quilt here
  6. Attend Sew South Retreat (this should be easy!!! :) ) DONE DONE DONE! 
  7. Make Christmas gift quilts for 2 of my nieces (I really want to get this done EARLY this year!!!) this didn't happen.  I gifted one handmade item for Christmas this year...
  8. Move my sewing space upstairs (this was a goal in 2012, had to extend the goal, need more time to accomplish it!) DONE!!!  See post here
  9. Make a bottled rainbow quilt (really looking forward to this!!!) completely lost interest in this one
  10. Continue with the 15 minutes a day challenge! I'll call this one a success, I've done the best I can each week!
So I finished up 5 goals.  Not bad.  Some I pretty much lost interest in, so I consider 2013 a pretty successful year goal-wise.  Ideas are starting to form on what type of goals I would like to set for 2014...but I have another day or so to get that list going.  

I'll be back tomorrow to close out my December I've got to get a run in, and then get ready for some football!!!  HOOK EM HORNS!!!

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  1. Finishing 15 quilts while working full time and being a full time wife/mom is pretty impressive. I remember a few bags and baby gifts thrown in there as well. Even if you did not meet all your goals, you had a great 2013. Hope 2014 is even better.


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