Friday, May 2, 2014

ALYoF - May Goal

Happy May!  This year just seems to be flying!  Anyways...after my epic fail at April's A Lovely Year of Finishes goal (didn't touch the quilt top at all!) it's time for a reset and back to the beginning of something.  So this post is going to be quite short...because my goal is to make a baby quilt by the end of the month...because I have a baby shower to go to at the end of the month, and I need to have a quilt ready to gift!  I have no idea what fabric, what pattern, what colors...anything as of right now.  So this ought to be exciting...I am leaning towards this pattern right now, but I only just began looking for ideas/inspiration about an hour ago.  I plan to share as I go, as I identify fabric, the pattern, and progress along the way!

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  1. That's a cut pattern and should be doable this month. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the baby quilt come together.


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