Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What quilts can and cannot do...

Quilts cannot do a lot of things...
  • clean house
  • cook dinner
  • homework
  • laundry
  • cure disease
But there are a lot of things Quilts can do
  • provide warmth and comfort
  • bring a smile to a person's face
  • express care and concern
A co-worker of my husbands was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, I had this quilt top lying around, and so it turned into an expression of care and concern for the young woman.  Many people from work signed the quilt on Monday and I spent Monday evening and part of Tuesday getting it finished so it could be delivered to her today:


Quilts cannot do a lot of things, but what they CAN do far outweigh the can't.

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  1. Beautiful quilt! Congrats on the finish. What a great reason to finish up a quilt.


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