Thursday, April 7, 2011

love it...but...

I almost feel I'm taking the "easy" way out with this quilt...I personally LOVE it!  (as does Guy, or so he says, whose quilt this is BTW)...but it almost seems to be going together too's like I'm waiting for the evil shoe to drop! catch you up from the last post...using this tutorial from the blog Film in the Fridge, as the base of the quilt...I got the different sections sewn together (well, in chunks):

thankfully I had actually printed out a pic from the original photo layouts of the quilt (while in raw strip/cut form) to keep me straight as I pieced the sections together...

and TAHDAH!  here is how it's looking right now:

(isn't Girl on a Chair just plain ADORABLE!)...I greatly appreciate her response to my..."get on the chair and hold this" demands...anyways...

I plan on adding two borders, one of the black and white, one in orange (to give the quilt some added length and width for Guy who needs no chair)'m happy with it...but still torn...have I gone this a quilt...did I give it my came together so I still trying enough????

oh well...enough deep thought for tonight...I think the quilt top looks fabulous so far, and Guy likes it...and it has polka it's just ALL GOOD!  WOOOHOOO!

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