Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the story...and the beginning of the next

ok...so I finished up the quilt for Girl on a Chair...and awhile ago I promised the story on the pieced backing from the last quilt...hence the title of this blog post...so let me show you Girl's quilt...then on with the story!  Here is the Daisy Chain quilt (again from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott) using Top Drawer fabrics and some Wendover Cotton in Cocoa:

(displayed by Guy without a Chair)

and the back:

And now...THE STORY...

So as I was putting together my quilt sandwich (first quilt) and trying to figure out the whole backing thing...all I kept saying to myself is next time...you will do a pieced backing (I had seen this quilt and was DROOLING!).  I was sure it was so difficult I would never figure it out...and then BAM...necessity arrived...I didn't have the right size piece for the backing of the quilt...I needed a few more inches...so I figured...no problem...I'll add a section of a different fabric...and voila!  Pieced backing (very very simple one, I will not claim that all pieced backings are simple).  So I thought I had it all figured out...until...Girl's quilt.  WOW!  I cut the backing all kinds of wrong (the Cocoa part)...and was sure there was no way I was going to get the backing right...thankfully with some creative cutting (and MANY curse words and evil glares...and hubby snickering)...and JUST enough fabric...I was able to piece the back!  Anywho...just goes to show...something that may seem difficult...may be easier than you think...and way more complicated than your ego can manage!

and now...on to the next quilt...Guy has been sniffling and snuffling about wanting his OWN quilt (his size)...so last week I had him pick out some fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop (SUPER fast shipping and amazing customer service BTW!)  I knew exactly the style of quilt I wanted to make for him (had to be "manly") because I had seen many fab strip quilts at Film in the Fridge (and thankfully she posted an OH so fab tutorial)...and well...here it is so far:

I started with these fabrics:

and just got to cutting and laying it out!  Thankfully Girl was here with me and helped me decide the best looking order of the strips...shouldn't take too long to get this one done!

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