Friday, April 8, 2011

a tad bit frustrated...but in a good way?

so...a funny thing happened on the way to a finished quilt...ran into yet ANOTHER problem with the are some pics to help tell the story (this is a slightly lengthy post...but hang in there!)...

so got the borders added to Guy's quilt today...went with a double border because Guy is much taller than the previous two quilts I have made...while great...weren't quite "big enough" for him.  So once I got the "body" of the quilt all together...had to get creative with some borders to make the quilt top a smidge larger...and here is what I ended up with:

personally I love it...and Guy says it's all is good...right?  WRONG!!  See...I got a little anxious cutting into the yardage (Bella Solid Black) I had purchased for the backing...I had purchased a little more than I thought I would need (intending to use a small amount for strips in the quilt top body...well I cut too when I went to lay out the top and backing today...I was a bit quite a bit short.  I had planned on piecing one extra section to the backing...had some fabulous fabric that was perfect...and it still is...but it wasn't I have spent a good chunk of today trying to figure out how to fix this little problem without going back to the store (more on the store in a bit) here is where we are at with the backing:

I think it's going to be great...but I'm tired and needed to walk away from it for the tomorrow I'll finish up the backing...and pray that it's large enough!

At some point in time I'll understand the sizing needs for fabric for different quilts...until then...pretty sure I may have to fight the same fight with each quilt back. to do a little local fabric shopping today...I purchased (well..Guy purchased) my Goldie (Baby Lock Quest Plus) from Creative Sewing Machine Center here in Columbia, SC.  And they have the most fabulous collection of my plan all week was to head in and pick up some goodies!  I had previously purchased the Patisserie Jelly Roll from there, and wanted some extra yardage in the same prints to get a quilt knocked out for my Mom.  I was staring at fabric for at least an was LOVELY!  and now we hit the truly frustrating part of my day...

I want to play with this:

and this:

So I want Guy's quilt done NOW!  However I'm tired, and I know that sewing while sleepy leads to really crooked and no where close to 1/4 inch seams!  (and believe me...I've learned how important that whole seam thing is!).  

In my mind, I have the next quilt pattern already picked out and am doing a tad bit of prep so that I can get started on it as soon as Guy's blankie is done.  I'm going to be following the Postage Stamp "tutorial"/quilt along that Rachel Griffith of PS I Quilt ran earlier this year...I'm very excited to be trying something a little different, and the quilt is for my Mom...for I REALLY need to get cracking on it!

And I sort of kind of have the ideas in my head for the next two quilts after that one...just gotta figure out of the two people...who would prefer which style??

anyways..enough for tonight...hopefully will be back tomorrow to show of the FINISHED quilt for Guy!  And to show you some progress in Mom's quilt!

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