Sunday, April 10, 2011

oh how wrong I was...

and so glad of it!  Guy's quilt...definitely NOT simple...definitely NOT too easy...but it is done...and I LOVE it!  wasn't sure for a little bit...but the finished product, IMHO, is FABULOUS!  Here is the front:

and now...the piece that kept me up late at night...and had me up early in the morning to get it done...only to find I was much shorter on fabric than my original estimate there was some extra piecing done...and let me tell you...LOVE LOVE LOVE how this quilt back came out!  Take a look:

and because I rarely post pics of is a little proof that it was actually me doing the work (Thank you to my photographer Girl):

I straight line quilted this one slightly differently than the previous two...I didn't cover the whole quilt...did it on either side of the horizontal can see how it came out looking at the pic of the back...well...if you squint and tilt your head you can....

last but not least...who can pass up the opportunity for a pic like this:

She really was just chilling out laid out on the quilt top while I was working on the backing yesterday morning...

and to get started on the next quilt!

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