Thursday, November 8, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 17

I'm running a little late with this week's post, but it's been one crazy week!  Linking up at Life in Pieces.

Tuesday: access all areas pouch
Wednesday: none (Halloween!)
Thursday: access all areas pouch, finished quilting T-shirt quilt
Friday: none
Saturday: t-shirt quilt finished, scrappy stash top finished, finished final 11 rainbow string blocks; hexies
Sunday: started piecing together the rainbow strings quilt; hexies
Monday: none

4 of 7, so not too bad.  There was so much going on around my house (all good, all work related) so there were days I was barely home to even consider sewing!  Hope to get more done this week!


  1. Nice week with lots of finishes!

  2. not at all bad. i'm curious about your rainbow strings quilt . . .


  3. Four out of seven is a good week, you sewed more days than you didn't!


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