Friday, November 16, 2012

15 minute challenge...Week 18!

Hello all!  When did it get to be Friday???  I'm so this update is for November 6 - 13.  It was a slightly less crazy finish to the week, but the start of the week was insane!  Had a fantastic quick trip out of town, so no sewing early in the week, but I think I did pick back up over the weekend!

Tuesday: none
Wednesday: none
Thursday: none
Friday: none
Saturday: Scrappy Stash QAL - started quilting
Sunday: Scrappy Stash QAL - started over on the quilting
Monday: Scrappy Stash QAL - quilting

Linking up at Life in Pieces to see how everyone over there is doing with their 15 minutes!

and since it's Friday...and I actually have the day off...time to sew!  (and it's Friday Night Sew In night!)


  1. not too bad of a week. Fridays come way to soon or not soon enough. Time just slips away doesn't it.

  2. Not a bad week considering you were out of town. Hope this week was easier.

  3. it's nice when the weekend allows us to do a bit of catching up~!



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