Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fifteen Minute Challenge...Week 19!

Wow!  The weeks are really flying!  Here we go:

Tuesday: Scrappy Stash QAL

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Scrappy Stash QAL - finish

Friday: pillow, rainbow strings, HST BOM

Saturday: Rainbow strings, bag (pieces cut out...but then had to pull apart the one piece I'd sewn...so it's  in a time-out!)

Sunday: Cameo Sew-a-long

Monday: Cameo Sew-a-long

Not bad at all! 6 of 7 days!  And I have finished at least 1 Christmas present, am about 75% of the way on another, AND I'm squeezing in a little something for me! (Cameo sew-a-long bag is all mine!).  Linking up at Life in Pieces to see how everyone else is doing this week!


  1. Wow, great week. Congrats on the progress with your Christmas sewing. That has to feel good!

  2. well done~! and that you are getting some christmas presents finished must be icing on the cake~!



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