Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stitchy Saturday plans...evening update in red!

Girl is feeling a bit under the weather today, so it's a hang around the house in our jammies day!  So my plan is to clear up some UFOs that are laying about!

1.  T-shirt quilt - needs binding - DONE!
2.  Mom's California Girl - needs backing, basting, quilting and binding
3.  Scrappy Stash QAL - finish quilt top And then all the same stuff as item 2 quilt top done!
4.  Rainbow strings - finish all the blocks (only 11 left to go!) and then all the same as item 3 - now only 7 left to finish! 36 of 36 complete!
5.  Fall table runner - it needs the same as item 4

Ok.  That's a bit of a list, but nothing too terrible.  The order to be worked will probably be 1, 3, 4, 2, 5. 3 and 4 are Christmas gifts that must be mailed out so I really have to get those done first. 2 was something I started on back in May that I would really like to get to my Mom by Christmas.  1 needs the least so it will get done first!  (And it belongs to Girl, and since she is feeling a bit crummy, I must get it done!). 5 is wish list kind of stuff, so if it gets done great, otherwise, oh well!

This list is not all encompassing of the stacks of UFOs lying around my machine, just the ones with highest priority!

So off I go!  I may update the list periodically through the day, so check back later!

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  1. You did good last Saturday. Laundry is done on my end today, but now it's time to head out for DT's end of the season volleball party. Mabye I'll get some stitching in this evening.


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