Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amy Butler Cameo Sew -a-long - Episode 1

Welcome to episode 1 of my project(s) for the Amy Butler Cameo Sew-a-long!  

Before I get into too much detail...I have a confession to make...until a few weeks ago...I had never purchased any Amy Butler fabric (deep breath everyone).  For whatever reason, as much as I loved the colorways and the patterns...I never had actually gotten around to it!  Until I placed an order with Pink Castle Fabrics (great shopping experience btw!)...and is what I have:

All from Amy's Cameo line.  I love them!  I have stared at them, rearranged them, held them up, but haven't quite figured out what to do with them!  Until yesterday...when I picked up this fabulous book:

and saw this fantastic bag:

and BINGO!  I knew what I was going to do!  So this morning...I got to work:

and I have all of my pattern pieces traced and cut-out (I have multiples traced and cut always works easier than reusing for me...I'm odd like that):

but still no idea which fabric is going to be which piece!!!  urk!  So now it's time to sit and stare some more, rearrange the stack again...and hopefully...make a decision!  Stay tuned for Episode 2!

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