Saturday, November 17, 2012

FNSI...the results!

I got a bit of stuff done last night for Friday Night Sew In, and I'm really pleased!  Part of what I worked on was for a Christmas gift for someone...and the other...well, it was for me!  To accompany my Scrappy Stash QAL Rainbow quilt...I've been working on the Rainbow Strings quilt...and I have had all of the individual blocks done since November 4th...but I had only pulled the paper off a few and sewn the larger blocks together on a few...well...last night I got all the big blocks sewn together (and paper removed...worst part!) except for one (brown), and here they all are (I sewed them into rows today):

And because I've been in serious love with both of the rainbow quilts...and they are both designated for others...I made myself a little (16x16 so not tiny) rainbow for myself yesterday:

I love this sits in my spot on the couch (or in my lap) and no one else is allowed to use it...where I can see them at least!

and the last bit that I finished up last night was the October HST BOM!

Only November left to get all caught up!  And then all that's left is the December block...which will be out soon...HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT ALREADY THAT LATE IN THE YEAR????  ack!  too much to do...and already...too little time!  See ya!


  1. love love love your rainbow strings top~!~
    and the pillow too~!!~


  2. Love the rainbow scrap blocks! Very pretty!


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