Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowy stitching... far we have survived this nasty winter storm.  We had some gorgeous fluffy snow for several hours yesterday, with bouts of sleet on either side...unfortunately now it's all sheets of ice and everything is covered in ice...but thankfully we still have power and are warm and comfortable.

Now...while all of this was going on yesterday...I did take a chunk of time to turn my pile of Lucky Jam blocks:

Into a close-to-finished quilt top:

Now I need to figure out if I have enough of the fabric I would like to use for the border...or if I'm going to have to change that up.  Home again today as the roads are pretty rotten right now...hopefully it all starts to melt and clear up as we are supposed to head to the beach tomorrow...and that trip is in jeopardy of being cancelled...

Catch up with you later!


  1. Glad that it didn't get so bad that you lost power. The Lucky Jam top looks great. Hope you get to enjoy some more stitching this weekend.

  2. The lucky jam quilt is really great! I love the pattern!


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