Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

Wow...another week done!  We did make it to the race, despite the record 3 days in a row of snow (remember...I live in South Carolina) and the .5-1 inch of ice we had in there.  We weren't sure until late Thursday that we were even going to be able to make it out of town to get to the race!  But we did...and here is last week's plan and what I did in red:
  • Wednesday: 20-30 mins cross train, yoga for runners shoveled snow (and I count that as cross training)
  • Thursday: 20 mins cross train, yoga for runners walked about 1 mile in the snow and ice (got my quads burning!)
  • Friday: Rest (will be walking around the race expo) Rest
  • Saturday: Relay Race!  I'll be running a 6 mile leg! And PRd my 10k distance while doing it!  and kind of injured myself
  • Sunday: Rest Rest
  • Monday: 3-4 mile run Rest
  • Tuesday: Cross train Rest
I'll skip straight to the race...and go ahead and say that it wasn't fun. was and it wasn't.  The weather was vicious.  Thankfully the sun was shining (when I and my Guy ran our legs, unfortunately it rained on some of the earlier runners) but the wind was terrible.  So the temperatures were cold and the wind was gusting up to and sometimes over 20 mph. 

But our team finished, I ran the final leg and Guy met me at the finish:

I was so happy to be done!  It seemed no matter which way the course went, we were running INTO the wind.  Anyways...after this one, Guy and I have talked about not doing anymore relays.  I just don't enjoy them as much.  However we've only done 2 not sure I have enough to compare.  The first one we ran was great!  So...maybe just see what happens...

Now on to my slight injury...apparently I started to develop a bit of an ingrown toenail on Friday...but didn't really pay any attention to it...and Saturday was not so great on Sunday it was a mess.  And still is.  And is incredibly no idea when I'll be running again.  I'm hoping I can get it to calm down enough that it will heal up and I can get back to it by this weekend.  So my plan this week is all based on what I can/can't the next few days I'm going to stick to the bike.
  • Wednesday: 20-30 mins cross train
  • Thursday: 20-30 mins cross train
  • Friday: 3 mile run (hope I will be running by this point)
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 5 mile run
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 3-4 mile run

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  1. Congrats on finishing the relay. Hope you are healed up enough to get back to your routine.


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