Friday, December 12, 2014


there are less than 2 weeks to Christmas!!!!  Full on panic mode here...not really...but kind of...

I have had very minimal sewing time this I'm a little behind on my Christmas sewing.

I did spend a bit of time working on Lucky Jam, trying to get the hand quilting done

I have 1 side of the border and about 1/4 of another side left and this one will be ready for binding!

And tonight I set about working on my Blueberry Cake quilt (see last post), but was about out of pins (I actually have more, just wasn't feeling like opening those up) due to all the HSTs waiting to be sewn (pattern makes use of the trimmings created from each row for another quilt), so I spent a bit of time sewing those

I have about half of those pressed, nothing trimmed yet...that's a project so far on the side, so I'm not concerned right now.

Good thing I'm only working half-days for the majority of next week before I'm off for the rest of the year!  So no need to panic...still have lots of hours available!

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