Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014...year in review

Here were my goals for 2014:
  1. Finish at least 14 quilts in 2014
  2. Make quilt for M and B (who got married 12/26/13!)
  3. Use my stash!  Maybe it's time I started logging on the weekly stash reports that are out there.  
  4. Continue to work on FMQ...don't just stipple everything...not that there is anything wrong with stippling, but it's time to branch out a bit more!
  5. Make a bag for A (who hinted pretty heavily at wanting one)
and here is what I ended up sewing:

  • 8 quilts (xplus, 2 baby quilts, movement in pink, ruby, blueberry cake, surprise, lucky jam)
  • 1 table runner 
  • 12 Christmas Stockings
  • 1 cargo duffle bag 
  • 2 Supertotes 
  • 4 zip pouches 
  • and started a bunch of other projects that are no where near finished!

all in all, pretty happy with how it  turned out!  As to using my stash, well blueberry cake was from my stash (minus the backing).  Movement in pink and xplus were also from my stash.  I've been doing a better job of sewing with what I have, not going out and buying something so that I can sew.  Some of the new quilts I've been working on are also from my stash.  So, pretty happy there.  The bag for A...well didn't happen, but that's because A did not give me any additional info (colors, size, etc).  And the quilt for M&B...that was blueberry cake.  Delivered just before their anniversary.  I did a bit of FMQing...but I also started hand quilting, and that may be my new thing.

2014 was a pretty good stitching year!

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