Tuesday, April 9, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 39

Happy Tuesday!  Spring has really sprung around these parts, and that has led to all kinds of "spring fever" in my house.  (As noted in the reconfiguring that was happening last week through the weekend).  It has also kicked my urge to be creative up several more notches...so let's check in with Kate and the 15 minute challenge to see how it all worked out!

Tuesday: OQ

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Marcelle Medallion

Friday: Marcelle Medallion

Saturday: Marcelle Medallion

Sunday: Marcelle Medallion, Soda Shoppe

Monday: Soda Shoppe

So we have another 6 of 7 week!  There were several days that I sat down for exactly 15 minutes...and then was off and running for something else.  Thankfully the pieced border that I was working on for my Marcelle Medallion quilt was lots of little pieces, so 15 minute chunks of time worked out perfectly.

To keep with the April theme of fostering creativity, Kate has asked questions today regarding knowing one's audience.  And to be perfectly honest, one of the things I worry about most when I am making a quilt specifically for someone, is that I hope they like it.  I may love it...but it's hard to know in advance if others will like that which they receive.  For the Soda Shoppe quilt, I let my daughter pic the main fabric (see yesterday's post for more info), but I picked the pattern.  It turns out she loves the pattern too, so it's all good.  For the stack of quilts I made for Christmas gifts, well it was a pull and shoot kinda thing.  Shake n Bake fabrics were selected because they were more masculine (all I knew was the recipient didn't want flowers), for the rainbow quilts, I figured if my daughter liked them, her cousins would too...and I was thankfully correct with that.  For Strawberry Swoon, the recipient has liked anything and everything I have ever made for her...so I knew no matter what, she would like the quilt.  For other quilts, like Layers of Good Fortune...I made the quilt with no intended recipient in mind...and ended up giving it to someone because they like the color purple.  I think with handmade gifts, more than anything, you have to know if the person would appreciate something handmade (some don't, and that's ok).  If they like something handmade, then there is almost no way to strike out on the quilt you make for them (as long as it's not something made in their least favorite colors!).  For my sister, whom I've made two quilts, I've tried to make her something that will match her furniture or living room colors, beyond that, it's whatever I choose to make.  In a selfish kind of way...I figure I'm making them something...so they best like it no matter what ;) !


  1. Knowing your audience can be tough. I don't always think it through so much and then I worry, worry, worry about whether they will like what I've made. Great week.

  2. Great week! You made great use of your "new" space.

    I use my daughter a lot for feedback on quilts I'm doing for others, especially if they are part of the "young" crowd. I had designed a quilt for my niece. I loved it DT said it was too heavy and not fun enough. She was right, I ended up redoing the design and worked out something that was a lot more appropriate.

    The only problem I have had with people not really seeming to appreciate the work that went into a quilt was one that I donated for a school auction. I overheard a few comments between her and someone else in line to check out. I've not donated another quilt since then.


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