Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend plans

We have had some absolutely stunning weather here it's kind of funny that I was excited to see a bunch of rain in the forecast!  Because that means I have the perfect excuse to stay inside, in my jammies and sew all weekend long!  Guy has to work, Girl will be at a slumber party, so it will just be me and the fabric!!!  (and the dogs, but they don't bother me much except when they try and sleep on my foot pedal!). 

I will be working on a few quilts (trying to knock down that UFO list, which would actually be much easier if I just stopped starting new projects, like the new quilt I will probably start this weekend).  And...make myself a new bag and maybe a matching wallet featuring these lovelies:

I'll show you the patterns I'm planning on using later...because I may still as change my mind on what bag to make.  But I've been dreaming about a new bag and as soon as I saw the above fabrics...I knew they would be perfect!

So that's all she wrote for now...gotta get some errands done so that I can get to sewing!

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  1. Very pretty fabrics, they will make a fun and funky bag.

    Enjoy your sew in this evening!


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