Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Revisiting an "old" WIP...

Haven't touched this particular project since oh...way back over here (approx. 19 months ago).  Wow.  After finishing up Rainbow Star and having threaded my machine with white, just to sew border 1 onto my Marcelle Medallion quilt, I figured why not pull out "Our Quilt" and see where I am on it.  I'd actually kind of forgotten how much was done/not done.  8 of 23 rows were done, with 6 sewn together, so I pulled everything out, and got to putting a few more together.  So here is where it stands now:

11 of 23 rows complete and sewn together!  Rows 12 and 13 in progress.  Hopefully I will finish this one up soon.  Of course all that means is that it can join the stack of quilts awaiting backing, basting and quilting.  (Just counted...there are 5 quilt tops in that category...).  But it will be one step closer to being completely finished!!!


  1. I love it, the colors and the pattern. :) Looking forward to seeing it when you finish. xo

  2. Very pretty! Brights and white are a pretty favorite combination with me. Good luck getting it all together.


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