Friday, April 5, 2013

Pardon our dust... we "remodel" a few things around my house!  Now...there is no "true" remodeling going on...but definitely some reconfiguring!  First up...Girl's room...

She asked me to make her curtains...I have never made curtains...but figured why not at least try...and then for whatever reason...I asked her if she wanted a new wall color...which THANKFULLY...led to us getting rid of this:

(Pepto Bismol pink...seriously!  which was, shockingly enough, a much lighter and more livable shade of pink than the neon version the walls were when we bought the house)

and starting over with this:

I'm very jealous of Girl's room...I wanted this color (or something similar) for my living room, so now I'll have to find something else!  Next up...finish coat #2...make a new quilt for her bed that goes with the new color...and make curtains.

But that's not all!  Since January of 2012 I have had a goal of moving my sewing space from the living room upstairs to my previous scrapping room/office.  And it didn't I made it a goal for 2013...and as of yesterday...we are making serious progress.  So serious in fact...much of my fabric has been relocated:

and construction begun on my new sewing table and cutting table!  (Old one  is too large to get up the stairs).  This goal will likely be crossed off by the end of the weekend!

and now...with sewing moving upstairs, opening up a bunch of space in the living may be time to actually repaint the living room (shhh...don't tell Guy...he's NOT a fan of painting!).

So that's where we are on this Friday, sprinkled in saw dust and splattered with paint.  Hope your Friday is fabulous!

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  1. Wow you've been busy! What color is Girls room, is it a light lavender? Hope you make great progress on the remodel this weekend.


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