Sunday, March 31, 2013

A rainbow of a finish!

So excited to share this finish with you!  This quilt was originally "supposed to" have been done in time for Christmas.  It didn't quite make fact it has been sitting partially quilted since I last posted about it here.  But not any longer!  I finished up the quilting on Saturday, and then did the binding today, popped it in the wash and then to dry to knock off all the dust and fuzz it collected just sitting get all crinkly.

I love this quilt.  And thankfully so does Girl as it is her quilt.  Of course I reserve the right to "borrow" it from time to time!

Back (pieced directly from what I had in my stash that was large enough):

Each "arm" of the star was quilted in it's matching thread color.

Fabric: a little of everything, all pulled from my stash (includes some Cherry Christmas, Sweetwater, DS Quilts and others.  Solids - Kona and Designer Solid).
Pattern: Giant Vintage Star Quilt by Jeni Baker of In Color Order
Batting: Warm and Natural
Thread: Piecing - Gutterman, Quilting - Gutterman, Mettler and Aurifil


  1. Love the quilting - especially how it looks on the back!

  2. Very pretty! Wonderful colors!


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