Tuesday, December 4, 2012

15 minute challenge...Week 21!

It's been a touch and go kind of week...but hanging in there (this week with some pictures!).

Tuesday:  Amy Butler Cameo Sew-a-long (finished bag)

Wednesday:  none

Thursday:  none

Friday: none

Saturday: Cameo Sew-a-long (made pillow) (see this post for all pics), Christmas quilt (added borders to top), B's quilt (started cutting fabric)

Sunday: Christmas quilt (quilt top finished), California girl (back made, basted, started quilting), B's quilt (all fabric for quilt top cut out)

Monday: none
3 of 7 days is not too shabby! A few days were missed due to work hours shifting around and me just being tired...so no biggie.  I'm making progress on Christmas presents, but I'm thinking it may be down to the wire on those.  Thankfully on most of them I have until Christmas Eve...so 20 more days to get em done!  Linking up at Life in Pieces!


  1. Looks like you spent more than 15 minutes on the days you did sew. Good week.

  2. Pretty projects! Congrats on getting to the flimsy stage on your Christmas quilt. You made the most of the days you did sew.

  3. You got a ton done on the days you could sew! Good job!


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