Friday, December 14, 2012

The return of Mo...and yet another lesson learned...

Well...after a bit of a soak and Motivation (I call her Mo for short) returned last night.  And it was a kicking and screaming battle...let me tell you.  I had started quilting Rainbow strings earlier this week, and it was NOT going well.  And because it had not been going well...I didn't want to continue working on it...and well my friend Mo hit the road.  I forced myself for a day or so to sit down and work on it...but nothing was helping.  Thread issues out the I re-threaded, cleaned, fiddled with just was not happening.  So last night, after my bit of pout about NOT wanting to touch the quilt...I remembered when this happened...and sure was the needle AGAIN!  So I tossed that set of needles.  Put in a universal needle...and's been fine sailing ever since!  I'm just still a bit irritated that I didn't think to change the needle to start with...and really that I didn't toss that pack back when I had issues the first time!  So now...a few pictures:

A finished Rainbow strings:

The start of quilting Shake n' Bake:

Shake n' Bake at the 50% quilted mark:

A little more time with Shake n' Bake this evening and it will be done...and can go in the stack of quilts needing binding that is growing rapidly...and then it will be time to get Strawberry Swoon quilted!  Catch ya later!

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