Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 visit

So back in January (seems like it wasn't that long ago) I created a list of goals for 2012.  Here they are, with their current status in RED.

1.  Finish T's Quilt (hasn't been touched since December 10th 2011) - replaced original with Paris Race, original T quilt is in the UFO stack, one day to be revisited.
2.  Finish OUR Quilt (not touched since August 2011) - still not touched, one day I'll get back to it
3.  Complete at least 2 FWQAL blocks a month (this was becoming an overwhelming project last year, so I'm hoping to keep it honest and accept that it won't be 2 blocks a week!) - so fell out of love with this one, might do something with the blocks I have finished, or may just leave them until inspiration returns
4.  Blog at least once a week - which I pretty much have SUCCESS!
5.  Complete Pinocchio Cross Stitch  -  started working on hexies, pretty much replacing this Pinocchio will just have to wait some more
6.  Relocate sewing space to craft room (currently sew in the living room, and rarely use my office/craft room...I want that changed!  will also require a LOT of reorganizing and cleaning and getting rid of stuff!) - still working on this one, hope to have the majority moved before the new year starts, but won't have all of the stuff in place for a few more I shall call this...a Goal in Progress!
7.  Make a Christmas Quilt in time for it to be used at Christmas!  (so wanted to do this last year...didn't get around to it!) - quilt top made.  and then I got caught up in making Christmas gifts.  
8.  Make at least one quilt just for me! - still in progress, all the blocks are made, just have to get it all put together!
9.  Attempt applique on at least one quilt (mini-quilt would work here!) - not yet!
10.  Make Swoon Terrain Quilt - Quilt top completed!  needs backing, and basting, and quilting...but the top is complete!
11.  Attempt FMQ! - DONE DONE DONE!
12.  Quilt and bind Girls SQ (before Halloween!) - DONE!
13.  Finish White Rabbit Surprise/Strawberry Swoon (at least do something with the blocks that have been made!) - DONE!  

So, there we go...I only accomplished a handful of these goals in 2012...but that's ok...goals can change as you go!  I found stuff I would rather do, expanded my horizons, and had a great year of sewing.  I think for 2013...I'll try and set some goals that are a little more broad.  Some of the 2012 goals may carry over to 2013...and that's ok too. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic last day of 2012.  See you next year!

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  1. Things change, so there is nothing wrong with redirecting your goals. Congratulations on a successful 2012 (making even one goal counts as success to my way of thinking).


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