Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekend stitching....

I'm a bit behind on some things that must be finished up in time for Christmas (some earlier than later, some I have right up until the day!).  So my plan is to get jiggly with it this weekend.  Here is a list of things needing to be finished:
Saturday evening update in red
Sunday morning sewing session update in purple
Sunday close out update blue

1.  Amy Butler Cameo Sew-a-long - done
2.  Christmas quilt for my couch - need to add final border and top will be done; quilt top done
3.  Rainbow Strings
4.  California Girl - quilt back made, basted and about 1/2 way quilted
5.  Throw quilt for B - started cutting fabric, all fabric for top cut
6.  Throw quilt for G

All but 5 and 6 are in some stage of completion...5 and 6 haven't been started yet...thankfully I have until right up to Christmas Day!  So off I go...I'll update this post periodically throughout the weekend to see how it goes!

Got quite a bit done...4 of 6 projects worked on...making headway through the pile!

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