Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the time has come...

Over the past 11 months...it has been a goal to convert what used to be my "scrapping/stamping" room (and sorta office) into my sewing space.  And I have rejected this goal numerous times...for many reasons.  and now...the time has come for me to put up or shut up!

The cons to moving my space:

  1. Hubby would have to build a new sewing/cutting table.  There is no way my current table will make it up the stairs...it's too big.  So I would have to have a new one.
  2. I will have to completely refigure the scrap room to make it the sewing room.  All the shelving that was installed and shelving that was built, was really for paper and paper related products.  So some of that will have to be moved, some can be used in current locations, and some will have to go.
  3. I will have to clean the scrap room.  Not looking forward to it...since it has only been used for the sake of the computer (and the tv at times), it has become sort of a "catch all" room.  and that needs to change.  It's just the making it happen that will suck!
  4. I will have to make decisions on my old scrap stuff.  and this is the worst part.  SOme of the stuff I want to keep (no idea when or if I'll ever use it again), but a good 80-90% will have to go.  Thankfully I have options to find some of it new homes...some will just have to be tossed.  and I am TERRIBLE at throwing things out!  (I must confess...I'm a bit of a pack rat!)
  5. I like watching the big HD TV...especially football.  It's spoiled me.  But this can be remedied, I have a smaller TV in the space (any other size would be too big) and I would just need to trade out the receiver. (but if I want to whine and drag my feet...well here is another reason!
The pros:
  1. I'd be out of the living room.  I have a nice sized living room...when it's just the living room.  I have practically cut it in half since I started sewing and with all of my stuff in the way.  I want my living room back to being the living room.
  2. I'd have more/better storage space.  I like seeing my fabric/having it readily available.  Unfortunately (well in some people's eyes) I'm really starting to expand on my fabric stash and I'm running out of space in my corner of the living room (who am I kidding...in my HALF of the living room).
  3. I'd be making better use of the scrap room...and cleaning it out...which it desperately needs.
Yes...there might be more cons...but the truth is...the pros FAR outweigh the cons.  So there we have it.  The decision I made yesterday is now out there, I'm going to dig in...get the scrap room cleaned out...and re-name it the sewing room.  

Thankfully Girl owes me some hours of chores.

I'll post pics when I get the room cleaned out and have an idea of what I'm going to do!

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