Monday, December 17, 2012

final update...

Well, here we are...the final update on the status of my Christmas-gift quilts.  All must be completed by tomorrow to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas (as in ME delivering them) here is where we are at (current status in pink):
  • Rainbow scrap quilt - DONE
  • Rainbow strings quilt - need to add borders to the remaining 3 sides, quilt top done, backing made, basted, quilting in progress, DONE
  • California girl - quilted, needs to be bound
  • B's quilt Shake n' Bake - fabric is cut and piecing has started, quilt top done, backing made, basted, quilting complete

  • G's quilt  Rainbow star - nothing (I think I know what pattern i'm going to use, need to select fabric) fabric selected, piecing in progress, quilt top completed (so in love with this one!), backing made, basted, quilting in progress (had to share the pic of all the different threads that will be used in this one!)

  • J's quilt Strawberry Swoon - nothing (but I may have a plan for this one that will make life a little easier), dug out the 3 Strawberry Swoon blocks (last heard from in November 2011), made the 4th block, finished quilt top, DONE

  • N's quilt  Shake n' Bake 2- newly added to the list, Girl was worried I was leaving someone out, so we'll see if this one gets done!  fabric selected and cut, piecing in progress, scratched from the "must do" list, now on the "if i get time" list for the other J
and now the bad news...a tiny little piece of tiny that I couldn't get my phone's camera to focus on it:

broke off of my machine last night...and I still have 2 quilts that need binding and one quilt that I need to finish quilting!

It's off the little piece that holds the different sewing feet to my machine.  After some tears, some hollering and a few nasty words...I tried to see if any feet could actually still attach...and my 1/4" foot (the one I use most often) will not...but I do have a "univeral" kind of foot, that I use when I'm doing binding mostly...that does attach (sort of).  So I used it to fix a few lines of quilting on the Rainbow Strings quilt last night.  But let's just say I'm in full on panic mode right now...I don't want to have to use my machine in it's current state, and unfortunately I must have this piece to do all the finishing work I need done...I'm concerned I might cause additional damage...Guy is heading to the LQS that I purchased the machine from, this morning to see if they have a replacement part or something...I guess I'll figure it all out this evening!  So that is the final update from here!  Tomorrow as part of my weekly 15 minute challenge post, I'll let you know if everything was completed! 

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