Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just a quick update to the Christmas quilt saga...latest and greatest info in purple (I have also named some of the quilts) pics via instagram (lesleyworth).

  • Rainbow scrap quilt - DONE
  • Rainbow strings quilt - need to add borders to the remaining 3 sides, quilt top done, backing made, basted, quilting in progress

  • California girl - quilted, needs to be bound
  • B's quilt Shake n' Bake - fabric is cut and piecing has started, quilt top done, backing made, basted
  • G's quilt  Rainbow star - nothing (I think I know what pattern i'm going to use, need to select fabric) fabric selected, piecing in progress, quilt top completed (so in love with this one!) 

  • J's quilt Strawberry Swoon - nothing (but I may have a plan for this one that will make life a little easier), dug out the 3 Strawberry Swoon blocks (last heard from in November 2011), made the 4th block, finished quilt top, backing made and basted

  • N's quilt  Shake n' Bake 2- newly added to the list, Girl was worried I was leaving someone out, so we'll see if this one gets done!  fabric selected and cut, piecing in progress, scratched from the "must do" list, now on the "if i get time" list for the other J

and that's all she wrote for to get some more quilting done!

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